Lagu Buat Ngajakin Nikah

Andai waktu bisa berulang kembali :ting:, saya mohon suamiku ngelamar ga perlu pake cincin tapi nyanyiin lagu ini aja. Pasti coo ciiitttt… :cinta: *so sweet maksudnya* :D

Damn why it’s so hard to say
Secret feelings locked away
Heaven knows I’ve always felt so much
For you

I’m not that romantic
Even worse I’m sarcastic sometimes
And now it’s time I tell you this
What’s always been my only wish

Reff :
Eventhough I’m no spiderman or superman
I’ll be the one who guards you
Night and day and trust me
I don’t need no spiderweb or laser eyes
Cause you’re giving me
The strength to say
Share you life and be my wife

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